And I'm Off, Into Vacationland

The past two days have included a ton of walking on nothing but residential streets.  While there are some beautiful homes, it is draining to not have the option to pop into a store for a drink and a quick snack.

I left Portsmouth, crossing over the Memorial Bridge into Kittery.  I didn't see a big 'Welcome to Maine' sign anyway, so that was a bit of a letdown. 

The best part of my walk was when I got to drop into Eliot Meet Market; no, that's not a spelling mistake on 'meet'.  It was there I met Scott, the funny and inquisitive guy behind the counter.  When he and some customers found out why I was there, Scott asked if my car broke down.

It turns out Scott is writing a book.  I wanted to snap a quick picture of the cover, but I didn't think that would be right.  You see, he's writing it, for now, on a stack of paper plates!

Scott's parting words about the market:  "Where you get what you need, not necessarily what you want."


After cooling down and rehydrating, I was off again towards South Berwick, where I would meet up with Michelle and Alexandra. 

But before I did, I had to take a quick Uber ride, and with whom did I ride?  None other than Uber Grandma herself!  It was quite the story I heard!


The day was topped off with happy hour margaritas at Hooks Chill & Grille in Ogunquit.


Yesterday's walk to Kennebunk did not take me towards the beach.  It ended in a place with nothing but a post office and a tavern that wasn't yet open.  Cute area, but nothing around.

I journeyed back to Wells for a relaxing night at Full Circle, sipping on cocktails on the roof deck with Michelle.

Today I'll head to Biddeford, and then tomorrow I get to walk with Dan; he's traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to join me!

'Til next time!